NRHGW is a gospel medical missionaries association specialized in building highly competent gospel medical missionaries globally.


WHY We exist

Previously, most present truth believers have lacked a platform where they could be trained in genuine bible work as was provided by Mt Carmel. Seeing the lack of the blueprint for Mt Carmel in this generation where the aged and weak can be cared for, the sick treated with simple remedies, gospel workers trained and equipped with income generating skills, necessitated the birth NRHGW as an independent and self-supporting ministry to fill the gap and ensure such establishments as was Mt Carmel are established in every locality.


While many institutions train medical missionaries, NRHGW stands out distinct because of the approach to even train those with no or less educational background, apart from medical missionary work we offer a learning platform on various topics for free and others with a minimal charge. We provide a platform where tools and resources can be downloaded during the period one takes some training and can study offline and the courses are detailed and self paced. To remember NRHGW in clear light, one only needs to understand the schools of the prophets in bible times and now digitalized to reach many people with busy schedules and other challenges. Once you obtain training NRHGW considers you as a part of our big family and you qualify to enjoy the necessary benefits of the association as well as signup for membership if interested. Study with us and join us today .




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Currently the association is managed by experienced gospel medical missionaries with beneficial years of relevant experience.

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Mr. Keagan Banda

President / Senior gospel medical missionary

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Mr. Emmanuel Miti

Vice president / Secretary foreign mission

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Mr. Enos Phiri

director finance

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Mrs. Patience Moonga

director of health