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I have only been on this site for less than 6 weeks, two as a trial member and about 3 as a paying member. Within that time frame due to following Avi’s technical and directional advice on USO and on the SPX I have made enough money to pay for his services for about 3 years. Keep up the good work Avi, I’m more than happy to pay to hear you speak!! Avi and co.’s dedicated analysis is unsurpassed. They take the emotion out of investing decisions and are truly excellent at the long term picture with wonderful insights over the short and medium terms.

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At the end of the day and at weekends the service sends out bigger picture reviews of various markets. Probabilities and risks are noted; the team does not hesitate to say “I don’t know”. Elliott Wave Theory is a powerful prediction tool that works in trading by highlight repeating, predictable patterns and the set ratios between each successive wave. Because the method has very set and defined rules, as long as a trader has the discipline to follow those rules they can find success using this method of price analysis.

In the SPY 15-min chart, below, there is a prominent gap – red circle -which is ‘often’ in the middle of a third wave. For that reason and the higher Elliott Wave Oscillator peak, the blue count is the preferred one. By clicking Start Free Trial below, you confirm that you have read, understand and agree 10 day trading strategies for beginners to the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. Will only be billed after my 14-day trial and will auto-renew until I cancel. So again on the US Dollar DXY. Everyone would have expected that the Dollar will break down immediately. But it cannot if the whole world is buying long term US treasuries like hell!

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Avi works hard to stay connected to the members through chat and keep content consistent which in this market is very appreciated. Avi Gilburt is an expert at Elliot Wave Theory. It takes advantage of the tendencies of human beings to act in certain ways including crowd based actions. It allows another very valid insight into future market performance. I am pretty new here even after a a few months Avi is fantastic when it comes to customer service – totally honest and always willing to help and answer questions. No one has all the answers but I trust Avi’s guidance more than anyone else, despite their very hard work and dedication..

We will analyse a case of global economic recession and see some advice concerning how to behave during a crisis. To buy, you only need to place pending Buy Stop orders above the peaks of the first and third waves. And to sell, you need a Sell Stop under the end of wave A. Elliott Waves can be applied to any market or financial asset.

In terms of investing psychology, Wave 1 investors are still fearful, and some are keen to book profits of the initial higher surge. As a rule, Wave 2 can never go below the low of Wave 1. Broadly, Elliott Waves are made up of impulsive and corrective phases.

What Avi Gilburt has done combining Elliott Wave Theory to what he fondly calls “fibonacci pinball” is nothing short of revolutionary. Membership in his Market Pinball Wizard group has literally changed my whole attitude about investing. (Sometimes I waited years.) Now, I can chart the probable path of price with a high degree of certainty. I can buy at the right time and sell at the right time.

There are many stock market predictions that can be made base don the interpretations of wave patterns. The basic movements of the theory consist of impulse waves and corrective waves. Impulse waves consist of five sub-waves and travel in the same direction as the larger overall trend. Oppositely, a corrective wave moves in the reverse direction of the main trend.

It is a day trading education and chatroom website which was created in 2012 by Ross Cameron. An impulse wave is a five-wave period that happens during a bull market. The impulse starts when an asset’s price starts rising and it forms the first part of the wave. After a certain period, the price makes a small pullback. You can use the Elliott wave across the various asset classes, including stocks, forex, indices, and shares. The most popular one is usually in the forex market.

Sign up for a free trial to the right of this page, and see how The Market Pinball Wizard lets the market do the work for you. Any information contained in this site’s articles is based on the authors’ personal opinion. These articles shall not be treated as a trading advice or call to action.

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So my advice for potential members is to commit to learning, and try not to assume your own bias are correct about markets, and how they function. Avi approaches his analysis and service with intellectual honesty and integrity. Not only do the EWT and TMPW services provide excellent individual stock set-ups through its StockWaves service, the accurate reading of market moves and future direction is amazing. This is the one aspect of my investing that I could never crack, where is the market going and how should I allocate my funds. I have missed so many opportunities since I retired in 2014 because of indecision and the fear of being wrong.


I’m hoping…er, strike that…I’m anticipating that Avi’s crew and my growing facility in Elliot wave analysis will lead to better market timing decisions… Even better than before…my post-covid svs securities fscs protection recovery has been amazing (double the DOW and S&P). Avi Gilbert and Caroline Borodin guide all my decisions about why, when and how much to invest, and when it’s time to get out.

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And, as we know from recent history, we have seen many false starts to rallies. Thus far, the market has not followed through with the rally that I still think is reasonable to expect.For now, pressure remains down for as long as we remain below 3960SPX. Should we be able to climb back up over 3960, then I am expecting the wave to target the 4050SPX region. The Elliott Wave Theory was crafted in the 1930s by Ralph Nelson Elliott. The theory asserts that although the stock markets tend to often act in a random and pragmatic nature, there are predictable market trends that must be assessed for the enterprising investor.

I would suggest a dumb down summary once or twice a day with any applicable action that might be important – The chats to me are unintelligible for the most part. Avi Gilbert really knows Elliott Wave Analysis and has the insight and ability to to keep me fully apprised of the various possible interpretations of the wave forms. He produces such a superior endeavor that I recently let my subscription to EW International lapse. This service far surpasses any others I’ve come across. Avi has reads the market like he is from the future. The way that he has joined EW with Fib retracement is amazing.

This trading blog was nominated for Best Educator in 2016, 2017, and 2018 at the Benzinga Fintech Awards. This eventually led to Warrior Trading’s position as a trading education industry leader. The right education is very important to be a good trader. In fact, it is not only important to be a good trader but also to earn profits.

It is a learning opportunity presented by Avi Gilburt, one of this country’s leading experts in Elliot Wave Theory. Don’t expect to be told what to do, but be confident that Mr. Gilburt will guide you and teach you to recognize your risks mahifx and opportunities – sometimes that’s all that you need. I have been a member for only 30 days and within that period of time I have booked $4,543.00 in profits and have another $9,239 on the table waiting for the signal to sell.

Dollar Index is a very non-proportional 4.236 wave caused directly by the Federal Reserve’s “new idea” to hike interest rates to control inflation. I have observed the FED when a 3 + 2 home with a garage cost $100,000 in a nice neighborhood, and when a similar house now costs $550,00 in a similar neighborhood. I have been going through the structure some more, and, as I warned for the last several days, a break out seen before we hit the 4095 target would make this region much more complex.

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There was a complete 3rd wave move ending in mid April. We started down for the Wave 4 correction as expected- 5 magic bullets were present. The chart is labeled with the A, B and 3 of C of 4. WaveBasis is continuously evolving as we constantly look for new ways to streamline the practice of Elliott Wave analysis and improve the process of finding reliable trade setups. The latest release brings improved stability (bug fixes!) and much better overall performance, especially when you have many charts active in your workspace. It is also worth noting that the opposite can also happen.

Therefore, this platform has all the tools and features it needs to be successful. The educational content that the blog offers makes its readers learn enough to find their entry and exit positions in the market. Their blue-box trading method is a huge success within the investor community. Blogs are now deeply embedded in the everyday routine of people who use the internet. In fact, blogs also offer an interactive platform for like-minded people to have a healthy discussion. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best trading blogs for our readers.

The only subscription I have continued with for more than 6 months now after trying a few other services. Avi & Garrett are excellent in what they do & the analysis provided is very helpful & mostly accurate! Though it’s still a long way to understand EW in depth, this service has taught me to train myself to take the emotion out of trading and focus on what the market presents. This service gives you a REAL time look at what’s going on in the market. Avi provides amazingly accurate information about trends as they are happening. This service removes all the noise created by market pundits and just focuses on human sentiment which ultimately drives price and markets.

They exhibit the idea of trends and countertrends. Figure 1 shows us how the wave count should look like and where each wave starts and how each wave structure looks like. Theoretically SPX positions were sold in October before the decline, although I’ve reviewed the older posts from October and didn’t notice that . However the market has come back well over 15% since the December 24 low and still no recommendation to buy at any point in the advance. Thought support resistance levels would make the service worthwhile but those haven’t been of high quality. Avi is spot in following the trend of the market price action.

In this 3-minute video on NEoWave’s Forecasting service, you’ll see several example Elliott Wave theory forecasting charts, personally created by Glenn Neely. Beginning January 1, 2018, NEoWave’s Trading service expanded into thousands of markets, added Options trading, and eliminated Futures markets. Combined, these changes to the NEoWave Trading service will have a profound long-term impact on your ability to make money and protect profits. Today, Glenn Neely shared an announcement about the NEoWave Trading service, powered by Neely River technology.

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